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Dress Santa Game

Dress Santa Game

If you are willing to put a little time and energy into a Christmas game, this one is surefire hit. It's called " dress Santa " and it's funny and silly and worth having a camera round to record the fun. You might even want a camcorder as well.

Here's how it works. Design a dress - up box with a Santa apparel and other items that Santa might or know-how not wear. You want to have a full - bore Santa costume, so you can either rent particular or purchase one if you think it leave get used years after. They can be found for around $100 or maybe a junior less if you buy one at a costume shop that's used.

You'll put the Santa suit in a large suitcase or trunk. Be sure you have as many Santa items as possible; for example, you want to have a pair of boots, gloves, a big belt, etc. Then in the trunk or suitcase, mix in other items, like jewelry, hats, socks, shoes and feather boas. It's probably obvious seat this is going.

At the Christmas party, someone volunteers to play the game. Ideally, you'll have several volunteers so you can time people and supply a prize for fastest or most engaging, or whatever works based for your party.

The chosen person gets blindfolded further stripped down to their bare essentials. No, it's not that kind of game, but if a woman is wearing a sweater over a T - shirt and shoes, the shoes and the sweater can be removed, so she has less on her to begin cover. Once the person is blindfolded, begin timing them. Tell them they must dress Santa as rapidly as possible in his Santa suit only, nothing in addition. To spice up the game and cook up it more interesting, be sure to include some items in the trunk that might feel like Santa items, but aren't. For example, you'll have Santa's black gloves in the trunk, but also include a pair or two of garden gloves, and Santa has a belt, but you could include other belts as hearty. Be sure to include several hats ( even a princess hat, which might feel like a Santa hat to a disoriented participant ).

Once Santa is dressed, stop the timer and take the blindfold off. Everyone can bend a good laugh at the result. Santa might have his suit on, but he might also be wearing a robe. Or he might be in his suit, but with garden gloves, a rhinestone belt and a princess hat. Be sure to take pictures of your good pride and move to the next participant. It's better if the unequal players aren't in the room, since many might remember the various items in the trunk and make mental notes about what to ignore again what to use.

After the Santas are done with their dressing and the requisite pictures have been biased, decide on a winner. Is the winner the Santa who dressed in 45 seconds, or the one that wore the garden gloves, princess trilby and rhinestone belt combination? It's a tough describe, but a winner duty be crowned, so to speak. You can award prizes ( Santa hats filled with candy are fun ) or you can keep this all in fun and let the good sports know the fun is in the flipped out playing.


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